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 Why can't I see the file/folder options when right clicking on the file/folder or using the file/folder menu?

The site, and in particular, the document/file sharing area is best viewed using the internet explorer browser.  While most other popular browsers will work, some functionality may be lacking.


How can I upload multiple files at once?

Zip all your files into one .zip file.  Then go through your normal process of adding a file.  When you get to the screen where you fill out info on the file, simply "check" the checkbox that says "unzip" as shown in the image below.  

One other option is to "check" the "Use name as folder" option, which, as it suggests puts all the files in a folder with the name of the zip file as the folder name.


How do I add new items in the "Explorer" view?

You can add new files in 2 different ways.  

  1. Right click on the folder and then select "New Item" (see screen shot below.)

  2. Click the "Folder" item on the menu and selected "New Item"


Content Filtering

Another feature of the "Explorer" view is the added ability to filter the contents of the folder you're in.  This comes in handy when you've got lots of files to sort through.  (See image)

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