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 What is the model for using this collaboration tool?

The pages created for the Committees are a 'Members Only' Service of AAPG.

There are two roles for the Committees: Committee Member and Committee Moderator.  

Committee Members can view the following pages for the committee to which they are a member; About, Calendar, Action Items, Documents/Files.  Committee Members can contribute to the Forum.

Committee Moderators can view and contribute to all the pages for the committee to which they are a moderator.  The Committee Moderators are identified in the top right corner of the About page for each committee.


Who do I need to contact for assistance or if I have questions?

The Committee Moderators and Staff Liaisons for each committee are your point of contact for answering any questions about this website. 

Committee Moderators, who are not Staff Liaisons, need to contact the Staff Liaison for their committee if they have questions or cannot answer a question.  You can also post questions in the Forum as other users may be able to answer your question.

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